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Making a donation to St Mary's Church

There are many "heart" reasons that people give to church; for some it might be about supporting their faith community, others might want to help look after their historic place of worship, whilst still others might think of it as a devotional commitment.

Everything we do at St Mary's is made possible by your generosity. Our parish depends on offertory collections.

We can't exist without your support.

In common with other churches, we as a congregation are responsible for raising the money we need to run St. Mary's and support our work in the community. This includes gas bills, building insurance, health and safety inspections, heat and light, expenditure on music, stationery, flowers, hosts, communion wine etc.

Whatever their personal reason, if we see giving as a response from the heart we can pick out three principles that underscore Christian giving: Christians give as a spiritual response to their faith; they give because they want to make a difference; and they give because they care. In other words they give out of faith,hope and love.

Ways you can donate:

Donation Jar

In Person

If you would like to make a donation to us in person, please visit us at:

St Mary's Church, Surrenden Rd, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6PA

We are able to accept donations in the form of cash, card, cheque, or bank transfer.

Make a Regular Donation

Regular giving is the financial bedrock of our parish community. It is also more secure and costs the parish less to manage, so your money goes further in aid of St Mary's.

Payment via Mobile Phone
Holding Bills

One-off Donations

Although regular donations give your parish the best stability, single donations
do of course also contribute to the financial health of the parish. We have
launched an online giving facility for single donations to parishes and other
diocesan funds. Please select 'Brighton St Mary' from the drop-down list.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to donate to our parish.


If you have any questions please Contact our Parish Office

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