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St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Preston Park Brighton UK

Readers Rota

Connect: Readers Rota

What is it all about?

The ministry of Reader, or as it used to be known, Lector, has a long tradition of assisting the celebrant in proclaiming the word of God.

For those who read the lessons, psalm, acclamation and bidding prayers at Mass it’s important to prepare and to deliver the readings with conviction.


Who is it for?
It is for our readers, women and men, young and old, local and from elsewhere, with a range of different accents and styles, we all do our very best to make the readings meaningful to those at Mass.


How do I get involved?
It is a privilege and responsibility to read at Mass and those wishing to join the readers’ rota should speak to the Parish priest or contact our Parish office. Please do offer your services

Please contact the Parish office by phone or email, and you will be directed to one of our readers coordinators.

Connect: Seniors Club

Join us on Saturdays for Silver Club - a welcoming atmosphere for those young at heart to have a good old catch up over tea/coffee. 

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