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Palm Sunday at St Mary's

24th March (Sunday) |  10am & 12noon | St Mary's church

Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christian churches all celebrate Palm Sunday, which is the beginning of Holy Week, the most hallowed time of year for Christians.Palm Sunday commemorates when Jesus entered Jerusalem and was greeted by people waving palm branches. This event serves as a reminder for Christians to welcome Jesus into their hearts and be ready to follow Him. The Palm Sunday service also includes a reading of the Passion, which narrates the story of Jesus' suffering and crucifixion.

All children are invited to make their own palms and bring them to 10am Family Mass on the day. Then we will be judging them in the Parish Hall. The makers of the 3 best made palms will be rewarded!

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Holy Triduum at St Mary's

28th March 2024 (Maundy Thursday) | 7pm | St Mary's church

29th March 2024 (Good Friday) | 3pm | St Mary's church

30th March 2024 (Easter Vigil) | 7pm | St Mary's church

Sunset on Holy Thursday to sunset on Easter Sunday is considered the most solemn part of the liturgical year. This three-day period is referred to as the Easter Triduum, also known as the Sacred Triduum, or Paschal Triduum. Basically, the Sacred Triduum is one great festival recounting the last three days of Jesus' life on earth, the events of his Passion and Resurrection, when the Lamb of God laid down his life in atonement for our sins.

he Paschal Mystery is, therefore, God's plan of redemption for the fallen human race through the passion, death, and resurrection of the God-man Jesus Christ. It is one marvellous event stretched out over three days.

Come and do the Triduum with us! 


Easter Sunday at St Mary's

31st March 2024 Sunday|  10am & 12noon Masses | The church

Easter is not simply one feast among others, but the 'Feast of feasts', the 'Solemnity of solemnities',  just as the Eucharist is the 'Sacrament of sacraments'. St. Athanasius calls Easter 'the Great Sunday' and the Eastern Churches call Holy Week 'the Great Week'. The mystery of the Resurrection, in which Christ crushed death, permeates with its powerful energy our old time, until all is subjected to him.

Please join us at Easter! Let's sing together: Christ has risen! Alleluia!

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Preston Park Brighton UK

Our Regular Services

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Preston Park


Weekly | St Mary's

  • Morning Mass: 10am Tuesday - Friday

  • Saturday Morning Mass: See newsletter (subscribe to our mailing list)

  • Saturday Vigil Mass:  6pm

  • Sunday Family Mass: 10am

  • Sunday Mass: 12pm

  • Holy Days of Obligation: 10am & 7pm

St Mary's Church Brighton Reconciliation Confession

Reconciliation | Confession

Weekly | St Mary's

  • Weekdays (Tuesday to Friday): 9:30am - 10am

  • Friday during the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: 9.15am to 9.45am

  • Saturday Afternoon: 5:15pm - 6pm

  • by appointment 

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